Abbye learned to speak Croatian at a young age with her step-grandfather who took a boat across the sea to come to the United States when he was fourteen years old. Her sense of family and missing the old times with her grandfather prompted her to write her first book about a Croatian motorcycle club in the US.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daily blogging

Is it really a have to? Maybe once a week? Twice a week?

What's too much? What's not enough?

My schedule isn't a very strict one other than I have to write for a solid three hours a day. I plan to increase it once I've decided on an agent. But until then, I have plenty of time for research, which I don't include as writing time, and queries to agents and publishers.

This weekend, I'm going to stray a bit and try to brainstorm some blog topics and try to determine how much I really need to blog.

Unfortunately for those that follow me, Twitter is quickly becoming an addiction.


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