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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Little More on My #AtoZChallenge #SerialKillers

FYI - Next Sunday I'll try to get a sort of Q&A in. I've noticed some questions on some of the serial killer posts...I'll get those and as many new ones answered as I can for next Sunday. So, I hope you'll stop back.

Anyway -

It's Sunday and there's no letter scheduled for today. So, for those strolling around the web today, I thought I'd bring you a bit of news. I was actually thrilled to hear about. However, since I don't have $300K laying around, looks like I'm out of luck :(

Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home is for sale. Yes. Really. FOR SALE!

It honestly looks like a home that should be in a horror movie
Read more here

It's on two wooded acres in Akron, Ohio. It's 3 bedrooms and 2000 sq ft.

Surrounded by wooded land - I can envision someone tripping trying to get away.
More here

He killed his very first victim there, a hitchhiker for those interested, and buried him in the wooded area behind his home. The body wasn't found until Dahmer gave it up after his arrest after killing 16 more people after moving to Wisconsin.

Lovely deck with spiral stairs.

The home, while not looking like too much from the outside - is beautiful inside.

The windows are magnificent.

Evidently, this home was sold to a musician (who didn't want neighbor complaints while practicing) in 2005. It seems the agent selling it this time around, before giving any actual home details, let's people know about Dahmer and his first victim saying it clears out about 50% of all inquiries right off the bat.

Even more on this sale here

Keep in mind, the first victim went missing in 1978. He was arrested in 1991. (And murdered in 1994 by a fellow prison mate.)

The home was on the market in 2012 as well for a little over $300K - no takers, and eventually it was pulled from sale.

It's all over the internet - more here

Here's an image of the crime scene while they were recovering the body.

Jeffrey Dahmer was known for raping, torturing and dismembering his victims

I imagine I should have gone to college for something else. I would love to interview mass murderers and serial killers and create non-fiction books. While I don't condone what they've done, I find the criminal mind fascinating.

More here

We humans are so difficult to figure out.

So, who has a spare $295,000?


  1. Eek I just don't think I could live there knowing it's history! I hear a pip creek in my own home and I freak out! I'd never be able to turn off the lights lol! It would make for epic dinner party conversation though!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Definitely for a dinner conversation or a teen sleep over :-)

  2. Beautiful home, I'm a bit torn... but I think I'd buy it - if I were in the market and wanted a house in that area. I'm right there with you... I find them fascinating too, and would love to dig around in their heads.

  3. That place is gorgeous! I'd live there. (I'm wondering if this was the house his grandmother lived in or if I'm thinking of a different serial killer.)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog