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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A #Writers Vision - #DemolitionMafia #BookSeries

As I've worked my way through book one in this series, I thought I had the initial idea set for the series. As I write - Gracie progresses as a character. Sometimes moving me in directions I didn't see for her.

With that, I find that I'm remapping out the rest of the book in the series. Yes, while I should be finishing up book one.

What I want is real issues. As Gracie gets older and pushes her standing, she changes. Some ways for the better - others for the worst. Many times she realizes this as well. After all, we do have to look ourselves in the mirror at least once a day. Do any of us really always like the reflection looking back at us?

As the series moves forward, Gracie will struggle with the choices she's forced to make along with the consequences brought about by those choices. She'll also struggle with losing some of her closest friends as well as family. She'll also meet and have to face her own demons about how she feels about herself as she ages.

Yes, this series is mafia and motorcycle club related - but the characters will face their own every day struggles within themselves as well.


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