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Saturday, July 5, 2014

#BetaReader (s) Needed for #MC #Mafia #Erotic #Romance

Not for the weak at heart, I'm breaking a lot of rules in this series.

Beta readers will need to be able to start in August and will be doing several chapters at a time for the first run through. There will be an option to do a final full book run through - there will also be several additional beta spots open at that time (for just the full run through).

Interested? Email me

Short details: 

Tagline: They told her she'd never get out alive; she told them she didn't care.

Summary: Gracie grew up as the daughter of the president of one of the most feared motorcycle clubs in history. When her father was killed, she was devastated to learn the club had voted in her older brother as the new president. She didn't even get VP.

Determined to show a woman could make it in the biker world, as more than someone's old lady, Gracie lied, cheated, and stole her way up the chain to form her own motorcycle club.

Take everything you've ever thought you knew about MC's and throw it out the window. It's 2014 and the rules have changed. And so has Gracie.


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