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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So, I've completed one of my books that people will either absolutely love or absolutely hate (one star ratings and trash talk? bring it on)
The problem? The other book that was 1/2 way complete has disappeared. Yes really. Poof! Gone. Disappeared into thin air.
It was on a USB and said USB has evidently procured legs and taken off.
Maybe that means I should simply write book two in this series rather than book 1 in the other series. Who knows?
Anyway, with the misplacement of a very important USB drive, I've decided to clear some of my others off so I can back up like 20 times. What does that mean? It means you all will be plagues for months, possibly year with images of sexy guys, bondage, facebook funnies and so on so I can keep them on blog but not in my actual offline storage. :) (You'll see I have quite the variety of taste and a twisted sense of humor)
You're welcome.


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