Abbye learned to speak Croatian at a young age with her step-grandfather who took a boat across the sea to come to the United States when he was fourteen years old. Her sense of family and missing the old times with her grandfather prompted her to write her first book about a Croatian motorcycle club in the US.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So, I attempted it last year and seemed to feel nothing but failure. Real life kept popping it's head up and distracting me from what I should be doing. Even then, when I did get the time to sit down and write, feeling under pressure seemed to do little good. So, my word counts were terrible and the quality of the words I did get typed was even worse.
That's why I decided to pass on NaNoWriMo this year.
Yes, for some people it seems to work. But for those like me - it just seems to make it all worse. Besides, I hate missing too much holiday festivities and there's so much going on at the end of the year (say Halloween till after New Year's) that the point seems to be that it's almost impossible for me to find much time to write.
NaNoWriMo in April or May? That would be perfect. :)


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