Abbye learned to speak Croatian at a young age with her step-grandfather who took a boat across the sea to come to the United States when he was fourteen years old. Her sense of family and missing the old times with her grandfather prompted her to write her first book about a Croatian motorcycle club in the US.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#Write What You Know? Or Not?

We've heard over and over "Write what you know."
I say - sometimes.

I love research and bending the rules - taking a truth/fact and twisting it a little for a new spin that isn't 100% accurate - but it's fun (at least in my world).

For example, my military series (oh, didn't you know?) deals with a team so "under the radar" that I have to bend a few rules. That's why we write fiction. There's a little truth mixed with a little make believe.

In the end, you simply hope you came out with a good balance, or something that might just be possible (who knows, maybe even really happening somewhere in some deep undercover operation?). lol

Write what you know? Sure. Sometimes.

But isn't it nice to seek out a bit of adventure here and there?

Enter the world of the unknown - leave your comfort one.

What's waiting might just be better than anything you expected.


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