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Thursday, May 7, 2015

{{UPDATE 2018}}

Hey all, I have an interview that will be featured on Saturdays and a Thursday 13 that will (of course) be on Thursdays (I have several topics for you to select from for this)? Interested? Complete the interview (listed below) and/or Thursday 13 (topics listed below) and email them to me. I'll reply with your scheduled date. They are first come, first serve. ( )

Interview Slots: All open
Thursday 13:  All Open
Teaser Tuesday: All Open


1)      What is your mission as a writer?
2)      What do you hope readers will take away from your work when they read it?
3)      Tell us about the first piece you ever wrote.
4)      Did you already know you wanted to be a writer then?
5)      Where do you characters come from?
6)      Do you ever draw on real life?
7)      Do you create character profiles?
8)      What do you love most about writing?
9)      Who is your favorite literary character of all time?
10)   Who is your favorite book villain?

Tell us about one of your books (Here you may include buy links, image, blurb, excerpt, etc – preferably in html, but not a must).

Thursday 13 Topics: 

1) 13 favorite books of all time
2) 13 things you love the most about your favorite book
3) 13 favorite movies of all time
4) 13 favorite TV shows
5) 13 favorite authors
6) 13 favorite foods
7) 13 favorite words
8) 13 reasons to write what you know
9) 13 reasons to NOT write what you know
10) 13 favorite things to do when you're bored


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