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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #4 - The Secrets I Keep Series Book 1

This is part 4 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (NOW AVAILABLE - HERE) controversial book.

Sex had definitely become something they didn’t do very often anymore. Lacee always wanted him in bed beside her, but rarely wanted anything more than that.
He had enjoyed the evening with her and the kids and it seemed like it had been forever since they’d all been together. Linc was also pleased that Lacee was in a better mood. He’d watched her state of mind decline as the past few weeks passed. It frustrated him that she’d never tell him why. Just as he did, she kept many things to herself. He blamed his job for his lack of sharing, but what excuse did she have? Lacee wouldn’t want to hear about the latest victims or missing children that called him to his post and he did everything within his power to shield her from the gruesome information.
He drew his shirt over his head and tossed it on the corner chair, grateful she had left the bathroom door open so he could enjoy the vision of her gracefully climbing into a bath. His wife was beautiful. He felt his cock grow in his jeans.
Throwing himself on the bed, Linc rubbed his cock through his pants as he watched Lacee bathe. He licked his lips while watching the water drip down her neck, remembering the luscious taste of her skin. He had always loved her scent and her taste. His desire growing, his cock jerked at the thought of burying himself in her scent. Having his mouth buried in the delicate folds between her legs had always been heaven to him. She had been a virgin when they met and no other man had ever been there. She was his. All his.
Linc sighed and rolled onto his stomach as Lacee wrapped her towel around herself, drained and rinsed the tub and walked toward her dresser.
“No, Lacee. Don’t dress. I want you right now. Why put clothes on only to have to take them off?” Linc knew his voice was raspy with desire.
Lacee laughed as she spoke, “Come on, Linc? It’s not fun to see something pretty on me? It doesn’t make you hard?”
“Baby, I’m already hard. Come over here.” His voice was a growl. Damn, he wanted her.
“I’ll tell you what; I’m going to put on this little black lace babydoll that you haven’t seen on me yet. You, dear husband, are going to lose the rest of your clothes and let me watch you stroke your cock. That is, if you want sex tonight.” She held his heated gaze as she dressed.
“What? Watch me? You want me to jack off for you?” The shock in Linc’s voice was clear. His desire-hooded lids were now wide with surprise.
“Everyone knows guys jack off all the time. Do you think I never pleasure myself, Linc? If you took a few minutes, you’d see. I have vibrators,” Lacee opened a drawer to reveal that it was nearly full of sexual toys. “I’ve used my fingers and the shower head, too.”
She closed the drawer. “We’ve been together for ages. It’s silly to have secrets about our bodies. Don’t you agree? Show me that you trust me—that you love me.” Lacee pleaded with her eyes. She wanted to watch him come by his own hand. “I’ll let you watch me.”
Linc’s eyes widened. While he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the thought of her watching him give himself a hand job, he sure as hell was aroused by the idea of watching her pleasure herself.

“Fine,” Linc muttered between clenched teeth before he changed his mind. He stood and shrugged out of his jeans and underwear. His cock, grateful for the freedom from the confining material, stood at attention.


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