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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#Support a Fellow #IndieAuthor with #OvarianCancer #Cancer

Some of you may know Amber Bentley from her promotional (and often free) work for authors. She's always jumped to help out in any way she can. She also created Social Bee - a network for authors.

Long story short, a while back she discovered she had ovarian cancer. She basically went into hiding and a few of us had to hunt her down, worried because we'd seen nothing from her anywhere. I managed to get her to admit to her diagnosis and that she was not going to fight.

Instead she had decided to give up on everything - writing, promoting, her novels that were her dreams to create, her group blogs where she could have confided in friends and more.

I've created a GoFundMe for her and we're trying to raise enough to cover her medical expenses. Anything helps, even something as simple as a share. We're also going to hold a ThunderClap for her to try to get it out. Others have stepped up to offer to find those who will create her book covers and do editing for her. We are so thankful for this support.

If you can, you can view her story and page here.

Thank you so much. ♥


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