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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #16 - Dogs of Dawn Series

Book 1 - Military Measures
Coming 2016
By Abbye Kovacevic

                It seemed like forever while I stood with my hands just resting on his body. I heard a car zoom down the street and screech to a stop, likely forgetting the stop sign that was newly placed there. I watched how the moon had caught one of the windows and the reflection of us it made on an opposite wall. I watched and heard everything around me while trying to block out Neil.
                Neil placed a finger under my chin and guided my face up so that my eyes could meet with his.
                “Sadie,” his voice was calm as he ran my hand the rest of the way down his chest, across solid and defined abs, and down to the top of his jeans. “Undo them.”
                It was a command, not a request. The question was, would I answer the call or run? If I ran, I’d likely have to write Neil out of my life for good. I couldn’t blame him if he didn’t understand.

                Taking a deep breath, it was time to suck it up and forget high school Matt. My life was starting over finally. And it was starting right now, right here with Neil.


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