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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #17 - To Meet a Highlander Series

*already available*

            “So you'll keep me locked in my room?” Tsarina raised a brow and crossed her arms.
            “Nay, I'll no keep ye locked up. But if ye cannae do as I ask ye to, ye will find yerself with a guard at all times when I cannae be with ye.” Zarik couldn't help but allowing his eyes to move from her face, down her body, the tight bodice she wore. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed. “I do have a better idea.” A spark of desire lit his eyes and then became dark as he allowed the complete need to take him over.
            “Really, Zarik? Sex?” Tsarina couldn't believe he couldn't love her but wanted to do nothing other than bed her.

                He took a step forward, she a step back, as he  made quick work of pulling off his shirt and his sword belt. Then his kilt fell to the floor, Tsarina couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips.
            “Look at me, lass.” Zarik didn’t seem to be in the mood for her disobedience. Slowly she moved her gaze over his muscled chest, down to his well-formed abs and focused on his manhood. “Touch it, Tsarina. Now.” He didn’t wait for her to move; he was already grabbing her hand and wrapping it around his width. “I don’t understand why yer so wide-eyed with me. It’s not our first time together, ye’ve taken my cock. I demand that ye stop this innocent play at once. I’ll have ye and ye’ll damn enjoy it, just as ye did last night.” Tsarina noticed that Zarik was using great discipline to not react over much to her touch.
            “I'm not playing innocent. It's just that...” Tsarina paused as she watched her hand stroke up and down his manhood.
            She felt Zarik's finger pull her chin up to look at him. “It's not that I dislike ye looking at me, but ye seem to forget what ye are saying. It's just what?”
            “I, well. It's just that I can't concentrate around you. I do feel as though I'm a virgin all over again.” There, she'd said it. Hopefully he'd leave it alone now.
            “Aye, lass, desire. Ye want me. Perhaps as badly as I want ye?” Zarik opened himself up a little more. He did want her, more than anything. His skin was on fire.
            Tsarina took a deep breath and drew all her strength. “Remember how you asked what was in the backpack I had when I arrived?” She remembered how curious they'd been at the digital camera, the cell phone, the strange music and gum. There was still a large number of items in that backpack she'd shown to no one.

            Zarik gave a nod. “Lass, I dinnae care about yer backpack right now. I have other things in mind.”


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