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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #19 - Dark Retribution Series

Book 1 - Title TBD
By Kahleena MacCarthy
Release date not yet set

Catriona ran down from the walled area behind the battlements. Before she even knew what she was doing she had slipped her way through the front gates that had been torn open by her father’s enemy. The McKeirney’s were quickly coming into their home.
                Outside the gates she saw all the homes on fire, cattle and livestock killed or being killed, children crying, mothers screaming and men dying. It was everywhere. And it was awful.
                Trying to block out her surroundings, she picked up her pace and ran toward her father. He and the clan leader of the McKeirney’s were fighting. Her father would not win. What would happen to them then?
                As she approached, Catriona noticed how tall their enemy was. She had only ever heard rumors, but had never laid eyes on him before. Most, once having met him in battle, did not live to speak of him. There were rare instances where he had seemed to show mercy. But it was only to spread the fear of him, not for sparing a life.
The McKeirney warrior stood a full head over her father and moved more gracefully than any dancer she had ever seen. Could her vision be wrong? He looked over twice as wide as her father as well. She could see his muscles working hard as he took on her father and two of her brothers at the same time, each hand wielding a deadly sword.
                She had to stop this.


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