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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #20 - Immortal Warriors

Book 1 - title to be revealed at a later date
Publication date yet to be set
By Kaet Wallace

At the end of each battle, he was covered in blood and being heralded with awe from his fellow warriors. Some wished to train with him, some wished to be him, and others simply wished a word of praise from him. How quickly the name of Achilles had dropped from their lips, being replaced with his name.
            With several battles behind them in the war, they were gaining momentum, thanks mostly to Xander. It looked like Greece would not fail—yet the other side still refused to quit. For that, Xander could hold no blame. He’d die, if he could, before he surrendered as well.
            He could use his speed on the battlefield to move faster than could be detected, snatch up an enemy, carry him off, feed on him, and dump his body back on the field before Xander was even missed from the forces. And no one noticed an extra dead body on the battlefield. Nor were they ever searched for which wounds had ended their life.
            Yes, he could be happy to simply live with war each day. How wonderfully convenient it made things. Well, all but one. He was in severe need of a woman.
            The coins were piling up as well. As a hired warrior, he was making a daily wage. Xander had never thought of it before. Now he understood why Achilles and his Myrmidons were paid warriors to the highest bidder. When you could war for an eternity, great wealth was certain.
            Then the idea hit him. Xander knew exactly how to create more like him that were worthy of the name Vampire. He also knew how to make them all very wealthy men.
            He would take the best warriors from future battles and turn them into Vampires. Then they would create the fiercest group of warriors in history. And he knew just where he would start.


            “Enter,” Thyestes commanded in a bored voice. The day’s fight was over and they would travel tomorrow and hope to see battle in another three to four days.
            “Spare a moment,” Xander asked calmly checking the small enclosure to be certain they were alone.
            “For you, Xander? Always. Come. Sit. Care for some wine?”
            Xander shrugged off the wine and took a seat next to his friend.
            “I have a business idea for you, Thyestes. One that I’ve yet to offer any other man.” Xander raised his hand to pause Thyestes from speaking. “It will sound like a falsehood, but I assure you that it is the truth.”
            He watched his friend refill his wine glass and wondered how he would explain Thyestes’ behavior to the other men during his transition.
            He went on. “I have long trusted you to watch my back on many occasions in battle. I would like no more than to continue that. What would you say if I told you I could make you even stronger in battle? I could make you feel no pain, heal in a matter of minutes, and not die.”
            His friend looked on in disbelief. Xander knew this was not going to be easy.
            “My friend, I see your apprehension. Let me show you.” As he had once before, Xander took out his knife and slit his arm from elbow to wrist. He let the blood drip out and watched as the skin put itself back together.
            “Thyestes, I felt nothing. It didn’t even sting. And you saw it heal. Let me do the same for you.”
            Thyestes had risen from his seat and started stepping back, calling for the Gods.
            “The Gods are who gave me this gift. A gift I wish to share with you. Come now, see reason. Let me make you as I am. Together we will build the strongest army to ever walk these lands. We will become rich and travel to many lands. Come on this journey with me.” Xander hated pleading. He never begged nor pleaded. Everything simply was as he wished, especially once he had become a Vampire.
            “Xander, this best be truth. I know I saw it with my own eyes, but it seems unreal. I would be unstoppable as a warrior; my name would live on in history. Let us see this done.”
            “You would be able to be beaten only by me. When I create you, we will have a special bond. If you break it or try to cross me, I will kill you. Remember, I will always be stronger than you.” Xander was glad he had stayed on his own for the last year and fed very well. He would have a year over Thyestes in strength as well being first created.
            “I won’t lie, it will hurt. You will wish to die. We’ll tell the others you took ill after some wine. We’ll move you as sick on our travels, by arrival you should be ready to fight in your new body. But have care to learn your abilities. You cannot allow the humans to see that we are different. I will teach you. We will battle side by side. Let’s begin. Do not fight me, no matter what I do.”

            Xander stepped forward. He bit his friend’s neck, nearly draining him. Laying him down on his bed, Xander fed him his blood from his wrist. Later, he told the others that Thyestes had taken ill overnight and the other warrior’s hoped he’d be able to fight by the time he was needed. 


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