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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#TeaserTuesday #21 - Paradise in Flames

By Kaet Wallace
Release Date 2016

"Sure Melanie, that's great news." Maggie tried to sound as happy for her sister as she could. Judging from the look on their Father's face, he wasn't anywhere close to thinking about retirement. This was wishful thinking on the part of Maggie's Mom and sister. It was clear it was what the two of them wanted, and very clear that it wasn't what he wanted.
"Well Dad," Melanie said after a long silence, "We'd better get going. It's getting late and Mom will be worried about us. Will you be home soon?"
"No, tell her I'll be working late and may well not be in until sometime in the morning. You girls be careful, we have some strange things happening lately."
As Maggie walked out to the car with Melanie, she wondered what really was going on in their small town. There had hardly been any news, but Melanie and Mom and spoken again and again of all the sirens they'd been hearing. Were Dad and the departments covering something up? If so, what could it be?
Suddenly, fear gripped Maggie. What if? No, it couldn't be. Things started happening before she got here. Hopefully her Arizona life would stay there and wait for her return.

Each day that Maggie spent here, she took a chance. What would happen if her family, especially her Dad, knew her secret?


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