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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ugh! This has been a huge roller coaster ride the last few years. You see? I am totally and absolutely in love with my books. I love them. I love the series outlines. I love the characters. I love the violence. I love the sex. I love the fact that they are different and I can write them and sit back and say: "Fuck, did I really just come up with that? What is fuckin wrong with me?" And then KNOW I just have to write more.

So, my books are back with me and it's a huge What in the ever-loving fuck do I do now? I did submit to a few other publishers and one I am still waiting to hear back from but the others have gone the form letter rejections route.
But they did (and if you aren't sure why, go back to the first paragraph - I may have a bit too much self-love for my own writing). Like for real - I think they would make brutally awesome movies or TV shows. I mean if Twilight and sparkling vampires can be a thing.....
I know. There are tons and tons of writers going the self-publishing route. And I get it. Done write, though, it is very costly and from researching, I'm seeing most never make the money back. No. don't start yelling. I know many say writing should be for a love of writing and have nothing at all to do with the money aspect of it all. Fine. I get it. But for me, I'd LOVE to be able to do nothing but write my twisted fiction.
And truthfully, all these slaps in the face are beginning to sting and take a bit of the joy out of writing. And - DUDE!!! - I do love to write and honestly do want to do nothing but write 6 to 8 hours a day. I'd be in heaven if it would pay my bills.
Maybe it's a huge case of denial. I'm sure everyone that writes thinks their own work is amazing. I guess we all kind of have to in order to ever be brave enough to put it out there for others to read.
Is doing it and putting it out there - even if you suck - really an option? Newsletter free reads? Or facebook page free reads? Or blog free reads?


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