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Sunday, May 27, 2018

#DogRescue in Need #GoFundMe

You can help by going HERE

Today I am taking a bit of time out from the writing world to share a bit of a personal struggle.

I know there is so much going on - but if you can please share or help for this wonderful woman and her son I would be grateful

There is a local, private rescue (not a non-profit since she can't afford the $1000 fee) that is facing hard times this month. It takes in end of the line dogs (those needing medical help or seniors) and has thousands of dollars in vet bills from the animals taken in, given medical treatment, spayed/neutered if needed and so on.

Late last night I was informed of the following (she mentioned nothing to me, but worried to another of our mutual acquaintances that she didn't know how she was going to feed them this week - normally, I would have it, but due to a vehicle repair of my own, I have a whole $2 in my bank account until payday).

Recently, the owner was divorced and left with almost nothing, other than the home they lived in, her rescue dogs, and special needs son (who sometimes only smiles and calms down while assisting with these rescue dogs). No vehicle. No bills paid in advance (three are past due). No child support currently.

All I am trying to help her do is get the money she needs to feed he rescue dogs for a couple of weeks. Her general area is in the area of $80 to $100 per week. I am not asking you anyone to pay off her vet bills or repair her fencing, pay her electric bill or rent - just help her feed the dogs that she and her son have spent so much time loving and caring for.

Giving up Starbucks for one day, and donating to the food would mean the world to her, her son, and those beautiful dogs that would have been tossed aside.
Thank you for reading, sharing, and donating.

 You can help by going HERE


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