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Friday, May 25, 2018

Join our #IndieAuthor #Cookbook Colab

Indie Authors will submit recipes for each cookbook. Each recipe may have a personal or fun story to go with it (max 500 words). You may participate in one or all upcoming editions.

Disclaimer & Compensation

Please remember all release dates are subject to change due to lack of participation or other urgent issues.
You may also be asked if you can contribute additional recipes for an on-time release.

Simple Contract, quarterly payout OR equivalent (in value) product copies. Percents will be based on number of contributing authors in each book.


Abbye Kovacevic

CookBook 1 | In the Indie Author Cookbook Series:
Email to Be on our list:

Timeline 2018-2019-2020


Since this is a new concept and it will take time for word to spread. We will have one cookbook released during 2018.
Release date: December 1 (Holiday Collection)


Release Date: March 1 (Comfort Foods)
Release Date: June 1 (Summer Vacation Favorites)
Release Date: September 1 (Heartfelt Fall Temptations)
Release Date: December 1 (Holiday Collection: Volume 2)


Release Date: March 1 (Just Like Grandma Used to Make)
Release Date: June 1 (Quick & Easy Favorites)
Release Date: September 1 (Nothing But Deserts)
Release Date: December 1 (Holiday Collection: Volume 3)

Points of Interest


Contributing authors will get a page or two (to be determined) in each cookbook dedicated to them. This is where you can tell a bit about yourself and/or your releases, a link or two, even share an excerpt or image.

Promo Clarification

Each cookbook you are in Must have a different promo. Two cannot be the same.

Download this info file HERE


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