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Sunday, May 20, 2018

NEW #IndieAuthor Sales Shop - Tired of #Amazon ?

NOW OPEN --- Indie Author Consignment Agreement is also available for download there.

New on Facebook  HERE  (we are looking for graphics for the page)

I'm also on Facebook if you need to connect HERE (personal profile) and HERE (page) but please remember I do not often look at my facebook messenger. Email is always best.

Also - we are looking for a name, but will go with the one listed temporarily - or permanently depending on how difficult it is to change the shop name

IF we all work together and share, share, share - this can become the Amazon of Indie authors.


Coming THIS week - new #IndieAuthor only sales platform.
If you'd like to be in on the launch (for the trial and error haha) email me
I will be putting first links up this week. My out of town company's gone, catching up my house this morning & then will be working on this.
There is a contract, but it's super simple and just keeps me safe and allows me to have you book on sale at the shop. It also explains pay.


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