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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best friends ripped apart by life and thrown together again by chance...
It all started in Kindergarten, a friendship for the ages... until puberty hit and Holt became stupid.

Samantha Hunter knew three things. First, she needed to graduate to make some damn money. Second, she needed to learn to control her damn temper. Moreover, third, she had a shitty potty mouth that she needed to curb.

Being evicted with her ex-best friend for fighting in the dorms. Sam is forced to swallow her pride and beg Holt 'the worst dick-wad ever' for his off-campus apartment couch until she can afford something on her own.

However, the two can't seem to go a day without some kind of trouble. Moreover, Samantha is tired of checking every few moments to see if her panties have melted off. Maybe she will just go without.

Best Frenemies is a funny HEA New Adult/Contemporary Romance about love, redemption, and second chances!


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