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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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 Kirsten is trying to find out who tried to murder her aunt. Someone wants her out of the way. Josh wants to help her and keep her safe. She accepts Josh's help reluctantly but rejects his romantic advances. He thinks she is a tease. -------------------------------- 'Something had changed in the way he watched her. The atmosphere in the room had become thick with sexual tension. Hours before he had behaved gentlemanly, treating her like an acquaintance but now she sensed his manner toward her had changed. There was no longer any pretence. He behaved like a man who had chosen his mate and wanted to secure her for himself.
She sat warily watching him move about the room with precise careful movements. He dried his torso quickly and tamed his wavy hair. Gloriously masculine he prowled the room picking up a fresh pair of boxers, smart pants, his shirt, jacket and tie. A quick change in the bathroom and he moved back to face her.
She drew an intake of breath, wanting to ignore him but she could not take her eyes off him as he pulled on his shirt over a muscled torso. Fully clothed he maintained a veneer of respectability over that raw masculinity he could not easily disguise.
‘Like what you see?’ he questioned, green eyes pinning her in place.
‘I have seen other handsome men dressing before. Don’t kid yourself you’re something special,’ she bit out. He smiled bitterly. He could see the affect he had on her. She was aroused and interested in his body. A sexual creature, she appreciated a man’s torso. What had turned her from a warm passionate creature to this icy imposter inhabiting her body?
Kirsten was tired of battling him. Rutland was one of the most sexually exciting men she had encountered. She shivered when he turned those deep green eyes on her, a hidden promise in them. He was a handsome devil and before she had loved Justin she would have enjoyed flirting and possibly kissing him but Justin had destroyed her confidence and turned her off domineering men for good.
When he called her Kirsten instead of the formal Ms. Gateman Rutland’s Southern accent sounded like smooth hot chocolate almost seducing her into making the first move and kissing him. He was sex and sin on legs and he wanted her! He knew she also wanted him but she was too frightened of taking up the challenge he presented and risking her health and sanity.
‘My lovely Kirsten,’ he said moving toward her having finished dressing. She moved back toward the kitchenette not wanting close proximity with him. They moved slowly as if in a dance until he trapped her against the kitchen cupboard and there was no escaping him.
‘Payback time is here Kirsten!’ he said taking her chin in one large hand and staring down into her eyes; such intense blue green pools he could drown in. He lifted her chin and bent down swooping, taking her in his arms, holding her so tight she could not move an inch.
At first, he moved his lips gently over hers nibbling her lips, enticing her to open her mouth but when she succumbed to his touch his lips became demanding. Her eyes opened wide and her pupils narrowed. Suddenly his hold felt suffocating and she could not breathe. She felt as cold as ice and her heart lurched in an unpleasant way. Trapped in his arms, all she wanted to do was escape from this strong man, who demanded more than she could give.
She pushed him as hard as she could within the constraint of his iron grip. Rutland smiled a smile which did not quite meet his eyes. ‘Come Kirsten this is what you have been wanting from me for ages. Don’t play the tease!’
She managed to turn her head from him as he bent his head to kiss her again. ‘I am not a tease. Let me go please.’
‘Kirsten you don’t know what you want. You make sassy remarks to me issuing challenges no red-blooded man would ignore and then you withdraw. If that is not a tease I don’t know what is. Be careful when you play with a man or you may get more than you bargain for!’


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