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Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Eric had some injuries but they were anything that could wait. The same with Dave. A guy that I had met named Ken had a fairly severe stomach injury. But then there was Mark, a guy I had learned to like. He had such a quiet demeanor in comparison to the other guys. He was always respectful and I don't think I'd ever heard him say anything bad about anyone. He had to be there serious injury.

He was a mess.

Of course everyone pushed for me to work on everyone else first. Which would've been protocol. Had I been in the hospital we would've slapped an IV with morphine on Mark and let him fade away as comfortably as we could. But this is was my practice now. With no medical peers there to judge.

I had Mark moved into the room that was especially set up for trauma cases. Eric and Dave I shoved another room and Ken in my third and final room. I packed marks injuries quickly and gave him some very strong pain meds begging him to hang on until I could get back.

I went to Ken next. The biggest part was the shrapnel that had caught him took a while to pick out in cleanup. I couldn't help but think, this was my new life. People shooting at me and people coming in with injuries that I had never imagined before. I was used to the gunshots and the knife wounds and the occasional burned half my leg at the bonfire stuff. But this was real. And this was serious. These were people defending our country getting hurt severely by people that wanted to stop us.

I've never been for war. I knew it was just a necessity. People were constantly fighting over land and money and right whatever else they could think of. But even being antiwar, I've always been promilitary. It doesn't matter if I like the president in office or not. It's always been my duty as a citizen to support whoever was elected into office. Also as a citizen I've always felt it my duty to support the military no matter what situation they were tossed into or what orders they were given. There just like any other employee. They're getting paid to do what they're told.

This just made everything real.

Eric and Dave weren't too tough. The chip a couple knife wounds and bought a couple bullets and they laughed and joked around the whole time. If I hadn't thought they were crazy before, I was fairly certain they were now.

But after the bullet holes were handled and the sutures were put in mark would heavily on my mind. Mark and his kindness and his Goodheart.


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